Meet my team of ethically engaged experts

Graphic Design & Branding

Charlotte Holroyd creative wilderness branding and design collaboration partner with mission mango consulting and coaching

Creative Wilderness

Bold, Brave, Intuitive Design
for Independent Businesses

Hello, I’m Charlotte,
founder of Creative Wilderness.
I provide intuitive design and branding to independent, ethical businesses.
I collaborate with you to help define your brand ethos and then execute it through striking and intuitive design.

How is your business acting in an ethical way?
With regards to sustainability I use ethical suppliers (our printers are vegan and vegetarian society approved and banking) we are fully digital and don’t print anything off to save paper. I also focus on all the little day to day things and avoid plastic and general waste, support local suppliers, travel on public transport and cycle to meetings. I also offer free design work to charities and discounts to local businesses who are sustainable. I choose to work with those who also follow the same ethos.
What do you love about Mission Mango? 
Kerrin’s approach to minimalist and ethical marketing is so refreshing in a world where too much and too loud has given me a headache! 
Charlotte’s work