If I had a million dollars

How would my dream life as a minimalist look like?

First of all I bought my dream of a thatched house because my life goal always has been having my own little farm.  It includes an animal shelter for rescued animals. We furthermore planted a veggie garden and an orchard to achieve a self-sufficient, minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle.

I love to offer animal therapy, yoga and meditation. In my retreat center we offer courses in creativity, spirituality, burnout prevention, exit strategies, gardening and digital detox. Additionally to that I envision scout groups and maybe environmental education for kids. Overall it seems like I created a little paradise island everybody loves to visit.

Besides running different courses and retreats I also continue working with my ethically engaged clients all over the world. I only leave my dream island to travel for on site workshops.

I love for people to being able to do daily yoga and meditation, go horseback riding,  explore the calming effect of garden work and playing piano and other instruments.

In my dream life I wake up with birds singing, having the love of my life in and my dog beside my bed. I meditate in the morning before feeding the animals and having a delicious smoothie for breakfast. After my morning routine I coordinate my team of specialists and welcome our guests. The day continues with switching between my daily activities and plan out our retreats and courses.

My little farm is my sacred place.

I find quiet time and peace between all the amazing people visiting. My family is visiting all the time and I also get to spend a lot of time with my favourite people.

Above all we connect and educate, we teach how to be mindful and resourceful, live a minimalistic, sustainable and zero waste life. We offer guidance and shelter, a home and a family.

What would you do with a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars – How would I design my life? What would I do with my days?